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how to enable QE/CI on quadro fx4800 1.5g pci-e


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Hi guys, I have installed Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.3 on my HP Z600 and every thing works great except for the graphics.. I have the nVidia Quadro FX4800 and have some what okay graphics but i need Quartz Extreme. I cannot get it to work!! I have tried many tutorials for this card and none have gotten it to get QE to work.


what am i missing here?



Please help




My Specs:

CPU: 2 Intel E5520 2.266GHz

MB: Intel 5520

8G ram

Realtek ALC262

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 (1.5GB)

2 Lenovo LCD

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Hi, I am trying to get the point were you are. Can you please tell me, how did you bypass the blank screen after the apple screen? I am trying to install SL Retail on a Dell T7500 workstation with two quadro 4800s. After a successful install when booting i get a black screen can you tell me how you bypassed that road block. I have been at it for weeks.




My system specs:


Cpus: 2 Intel W5580 @3.2 GHz

36GB Ram

2 nVidia Quadro FX 4800

2 Dell monitors 30" 3008wfp & 24" 2405wfp

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