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FakeSMC Gets Updated by Community- New Features

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kext.pngFakeSMC (the open source SMC emulator written by Netkas) has been given many new features, thanks to the hard work of "Slice" on the Project OSX forums. By using the source code provided by Netkas for FakeSMC 2.5, Slice was able to add a pluggin system. This allows for new extensions to be paired with FakeSMC, creating the possibility for new features. Here are the pluggins that are included with Slice's FakeSMC:


IntelThermal - Intel CPU temperature monitoring.

LPCMonitor - temperatures and fans from ITE, Winbond and Fintek controllers. - now replaced by SuperIO plugin

TZplugin - temperature from ACPI device "Thermal Zone" - now excluded by ACPI monitor replacement

NVidia GPU temperature and FAN

Intel X3100 temperature

ACPI monitor - temperatures, fans, voltage, current - all that you can find in your DSDT. Manual DSDT modifying required.


These pluggins make it possible for programs like iStat to properly display more system temperatures, something that was not possible with the original FakeSMC 2.5.


I would also like to note that the source for Slice's work, along with the pre compiled driver and some more information, can be found here.

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