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Unable to mount external hard disk and flash drives


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Hi yall,


start of by saying - i love this site and i got into mac with a hack - extensive help found here.


i have a


2.4 Ghz core 2 duo


max os x 10.5.8

Geforce 6600 grafix card




i installed xxx 10.5.6 and updated natively to 10.5.8 - i had all the usual problems of graphics card and usb etc which i surmounted with help here


but ever since i upgraded my USB ports (all of them 4 +2) work - coz i plug my iPhone, my bluetooth dongle and my USB to MIDI converter (UM-1 edirol)




my external usb hard disks and flash drives however small or big - whether they r with external power or usb powered DO NOT MOUNT


meaning - if i go to system profiler i can see them - but im not able to mount them or access them


ANY help will be appreciated !!!!





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