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ALC883 laptop drivers for Snow Leopard


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I have a laptop with this chipset, searched and tried multiple kext and sound came only with VoodooHDA, but either speakers+mic (with playback..) or either only headphones (no mic/speakers), both with very low sound. So i'm needing help to find the RIGHT kexts (yes, a simple kext(s)).



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Which laptop is it?


There's this legacy for Acer Aspire 9420 that works fine for the Aspire 3690 also



You need a DSDT patch



For 10.6.3 and later you need to patch the AppleHDA binary


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Hi oldnapalm,


I'm running a retail Snow with 10.6.4 update. I tried your patched AppleHDA kext from this thread on an Acer Travelmate 8204 (ALC883) together with the DSDT patch (and some variations of it also) but no luck so far.

System profiler shows an "Intel High Definition Audio" but Audio MIDI Setup shows "No devices found on the system".


Do you know what could be happening?

Maybe I have to patch the kext myself with my audio device parameters. Could you point a guide where I could start with?


Valeu! :(

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