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Installing on separate disk (not partition)


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Hello all,


I am sorry if this has been asked/answered already..tried finding the answer but returned no results..


I would like to install the OS X on a separate disk (IDE internal disk), with WinXP being on the other disk. Most tutorials talk about installing on a separate partition. Is the installation on a separate disk the same thing?


Could you please tell me what do I have to have set up on my machine to get the OS X installed on a separate disk? Does the disk have to be connected to Primary Master IDE cable or could it be Primary Slave or it does not matter? Does the DVD drive have to be on the same IDE cable?


Also, should I unplug all devices connected to the PC (except USB mouse/keyboard)?


Thank you in advance



Here is my computer setup:


Intel P4 2.4GHz

1.5GB Infineon RAM

ASUS P4S8X motherboard

NVIDIA GeForce TI 4200 128MB VRAM

Western Digital WD800JB 80GB HD

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I installed my OSX on a separate drive. It's going to basically the same as doing it on another partition. I was getting getting "waiting for root" errors when I first tried it, so I put the DVD and HD on the same IDE, DVD as master, HD as slave. Then used OSX's Disk Utility to partition & format the drive.

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