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apple.acpi thermal error - iPCPPF5 - Acer Extensa 4420


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Im trying to install iPCPPF5 10.5.6 on my extensa 4420.


I have no blank dvd's so I used easy BCD 2.0 to add the iPCPPF5 iSO to the mbr as a bootable image.


It shows up under windows 7, I start it, and it does it thing, then I do the -v option cause if I don't it just takes me to the


apple install screen but there is not activity thing under the apple and kinda just stalls.


anyway suggestions, Ive googled this and can't find {censored}t, I don't think its the way im trying to install it because i have

read the same things with people using dvds


the error I get is npu hash = 4095


Extension "Coom.apple.driver.apple.acpi thermal" has no explicit kernal dependency


ACPI ? is that the fan if im not mistakin, i went into bios but extensa's have no options in there bios so i couldnt tinker with any fan options.


Help Please !!!

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