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Dell E1705 Ideneb 10.5.8


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Good morning,

I'm driving myself crazy with this problem I have a dell inspiron E1705. I'm install the iDeneb 10.5.8 lite edition. My system specs are

Intel T4200 1.83ghz

Memory 3GB

Harddrive 250 western digital sata

Intel intel 82945gm 8MB of video ram


I've tried several configurations to install the Ideneb the one I'm using now.


Audio - VoodooHDA

Chipset - ICHx Fixed

Video - Intel - GMA950 LAPTOP


After the install is done I get the gray apple logo screen with the cursor spinning and then the blue screen then it goes to a black screen I can hear the sound in the background but thats it nothing else.


It it possible for this laptop to work with Ideneb I've seen a couple of them on youtube but there running a different video card then mine has. Any suggestions thank you.


If laptop will not work just let me know so I can stop wasting my time thank you this thing is driving me crazy

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