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ipc osx86 10.5.6

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hi guys


i downloaded ipc osx86 10.5.6 ppf5 final and burnt it to disc and then i boot from it and it loads onto a greay scrren with the apple logo and after 2 minutes of loading it gives me a symbol above the apple logo that looks like a black and white stop sign


anyone know why this would happen?


my pc is custom built and running win 7


i have a 500gb hard drive partitioned into 5x 100gb partions


4gb ddr2 ram


1gb nvidia geforce 9600gt


my processor is an amd processor not sure on the model but it has got sse1,2,3,4a


motherboard: asrock k10n78fullhd-hsli




thats all the specs i can remember off the top of my head if you need anymore i can find them out


if you have any ideas i will be happy to try them out


thanks in advance

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