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Last hurrah ? for the ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 - 32 Mb


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Is there any hope for this card? Did anyone ever get resolution switching in Tiger?


I've spent a lot of time building my Hackintosh, and I've posted a detailed guide based on my experiences. I've taken my old Dell Latitude C640 all the way to Tiger 10.4.11, and most things work fine. I've even got Quartz Extreme and OpenGL working on this old video card. I'm still looking for a solution to wake-from-sleep.


But my biggest problem is the display. My LCD panel is 1400x1050 but my resolution is stuck at 1024x768. This shows as a ~10" window on my 14" display. Many options appear on the drop-down menus in the Displays control panel, but ANY attempt to change ANYTHING there causes an immediate freeze. The display then fades to white from the outer corners inward. I cannot even choose lower resolutions or bit depths.


I've tried hard-coding the 1400x1050 resolution into com.apple.boot.plist. I really thought that might work when the grey apple screen filled the LCD at booting, but as soon as the blue appeared, it was all scrambled. I could tell everything was running OK and I could click on things randomly. Gosh it felt close, but no cigar.


I've read everything I could find in these forums, but not many folks even mention my problem, let alone solve it. Maybe everyone else had lower res displays and didn't notice or care. I'd be very happy with 1024x768 if it was scaled to fill my display.


Am I missing something? Does anyone think this problem can be solved? Please comment - I'm desperate for a solution.

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