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Rdiculously got QE/CI on my 10.6.3 with 7300 gt


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iATKOS 10.6.3


Intel q6600


GA-P965 S3


Geforce 7300GT




Hi folks, I've been doing all the crazy {censored} for the whole week trying everything out there and finally got QE/CI with my graphic card. But what's so funny is that I eventually made it at my last attempt that I was being too hopeless so that reinstalled the OS without including any graphic driver and didn't even touch anything after the installation. Before this last one, I tried almost every nvidia-related kexts, caches, EFI, DSDT and packages, but I ended up with none. What kinda situation is like this?! I don't know why I have even more curiosity after I got it right.

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