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Need a laptop(for hackintosh) to supplement iPad

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Hey there,


I'm attending college this fall and think that iPad is the right thing for me. Its a great reader, games, notes, blogging. All is good there.


But, I need a laptop to accompany. Also its supposed to be a *hackintosh*. I had macs at home and just 'm not a PC guy. I'm looking for something that is core i5 atleast, has an NVIDIA GPU (must for a hackintosh), and goes with me for atlest 2 to 3 yrs. It has to be somewhere around $1300-1400. Thats all I could save after the iPad. ($1200 would be sweet tho)


On it I want to do things that I cannot on iPad. Video encoding, Storage, music library stuff, web-designing and some programming.



Please help. I'm joining soon. Need something good enough.

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Brother, why is that?


With the fast pace of college lecture classes (and the fact that the teacher doesn't care if you didn't hear what they last said--it's on you to copy it down), it's already difficult to get everything you need with a physical keyboard and very fast typing skills. Taking notes on a virtual screen, no matter how "realistic" and "awesome" it is, will be very limiting. You'll understand this within the first few class meetings, and I can guarantee you'll end up bringing your "hackintosh" laptop into class with you instead of the iPad. A few kids in my classes brought iPads to class last semester and took notes on them, but I never saw them bring it more than that first time. 2 days later when the class met again, they all had their laptops back with them, and we never saw the iPads again. I guess they understood that functionality outweighs trendiness in the learning environment.


Just 2 cents from another college student.

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