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10.6 Mouse, Keyboard and Graphics Issues

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Okay, among many other issues that I've had to deal with, the keyboard and mouse (PS2) are behaving strangely. For some reason, after booting, there is no response from my mouse buttons or keyboard for a few minutes. I have total control over the cursor, but I can't interact with anything. It seems to be locking up, but plugging in drives, etc mounts and unmounts them instantly.


Also, after digging through many GMA 950 kexts, I found one that seems to work for default resolution, BUT: It only works if I boot into Safe Mode with -x. Otherwise, I get a pale blue screen, similar to the one that appears before the boot screen.


I also get this during boot under verbose:


"alkor: setting aapl [different settings] <data not shown>"


I used Snowleo's 10.6 ISO, but it's been much rougher than my old Kalyway install.


HP Pavilion DV1000

Core Duo 1.86GHz

Intel 945GM chipset

Intel 950 GMA graphics

Intel Pro 100 LAN

Intel 3945 abg Wifi.


...I know, it's a lost cause.


Edit: I got the graphics working by deleting more 950 kexts in Safe Mode, but the mouse problem still exists. Given the amount of kexts I went through trying to get them working, and that I had the same issue with USB devices, I don't think it's a driver issue.


Also, most of the time when they kick in, everything I clicked or pressed happens at once.


It's worth mentioning that the graphics don't seem quite right as certain things are stuttering when opening, such as dock context menus.

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