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Chameleon restarts my laptop


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So I bought a pretty swell system to run Snow Leopard on, I bought an ASUS G73JH Laptop. i7-720QM, ATI 5870 Mobility, 8GM ram @1333, Blue Ray and two 500GB hard drives @7200.


I got the retail Snow Leopard DVD yesterday and I've installed it using the latest Empire EFI cd. So to my knowledge I have a vanilla install? I updated to 10.6.4. I installed kexts to get Audio and Ethernet working. All my usb ports, dvd and webcam work.


BUT I believe that Iv'e setup my hard drives in such a way that installed (Chameleon 2.0-Rc4 I installed manually and used an installer) Chameleon Bootloader will not load the Mac OS. So I've been booting with the chameleon that is on the Empire EFI. I need to be able to boot from the hard drive, so here is what I have so far...


Disk0 = 500gb (250gb windows, 250gb data) MBR formated

Disk1 = 500gb (300GB Mac [hfs+], 200gb Itunes [fat32]) GPT formated


I installed EasyBCD 2.0 build 100 to my Windows 7 drive with an entry to my Mac Partition. When I boot the computer it goes to the windows boot manager where I can choose WIN7 or MAC. the MAC entry takes me to the installed version of Chameleon (but it wants to boot the itunes drive first i have to hit f8 to get to the menu and select mac) which no matter what I do will not boot MAC it restarts the computer. I've tried all the boot flags, -x -v -s -you name it, and nothing seems to happen it just reboots. I believe that some path is not connected and I'm now quite sure what to do now. Any Ideas? Thanks a bunch.

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