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Working Azureus


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I've managed to get Azureus to work.


Steps to reproduce:


1) Install Xcode 2.x. 2.0 is dangerous because it overwrites all x86 binaries with ppc ones. I had to rebuild the partition with x86 binaries after installing it. The reason you need this is so that you can build swt. (Carbon headers)


2) Download swt 3.1 source. Make it. It should be straightforward.

swt 3.0.2 does NOT work. Mouse clicks don't register.


3) Download the java only Azureus jar.


4) mkdir directory to put this in. e.g. ~/azureus


5) copy swt.jar and swt-pi.jar into ~/azureus


6) copy *.jnlib into ~/azureus


7) make the following in an executable script:



export CP

#echo CP=${CP}

export RES

FLAGS="-Xms64m -Xmx384m -XstartOnFirstThread"

java ${FLAGS} -cp ${CP} -Djava.library.path="." org.gudy.azureus2.ui.swt.Main &


8) Download more plugins, or copy them out of a working installation


9) Enjoy!



Eclipse 3.1 in theory should work as well, but I've not had too much luck with it. I've gotten it to run once, but after that it never ran again. Strange.

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