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Building a new computer - any problem with these parts?

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I dont know why you prefer UD3R over UD5. I thought UD5 has the least compatible issue and a stronger board.


Very Solid build with OC potential


I just dont like the video card ( it works just fine ) . Toss in some extra bucks to get a 1gb card like GTS 250. You never know that a project may require some video editing :lol: . With a 1gb card you have an well rounded media rig , not just for protool or logic.


It just my experience running a multi media production. Last week we had a local rapper came by to record and mix a song. While hanging around our studio he "happened" to see one of our editor working on a music video. He showed him some cool effects like optical glare and film like grading . The dude was sold on our 2 grand music video package. Its cool if you just do hit for hobby, but if you want to get gigs and deals you gotta have a big toolbox and a strong system to support it. I'm a video/photo guy, but hell, if its requested/required I would hop on protool and mixing like a mad man.


So yeah , spend a little more (compare to your final price ) for a multi media investment. It will pay for itself, you never know.

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