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Dell mini 10v kernel panic on boot

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I recently installed a retail copy of Snow Leopard onto my Dell Mini 10v and it was working fantastically for a few months. Today, I did a software update and now it gives me a kernel panic on boot. Is there some way I can revert the update because I really don't want to have to reinstall Mac.


Attached is an image of what I'm getting on boot.


(noob question warning:) Also, I hear a lot about boot options (-v, -s, etc.). How do I actually use these? Do I just hit the 'v' key when the screen is grey and the apple logo is on show, or is there some kind of command line on boot?


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i solved the problem!


after some research i mentioned, that the problem is the sleepenabler.kext


I disconnected the HD an put it on my macbook. Than i removed the sleepenabler.kext from extra/extentions


And put the newest version for 10.6.4 in the folder.




Than i put the HD back in my "PC" an it works....!



Just update your sleepenabler kext when you are installing 10.6.4

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