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Snow Leopard on P55/Core i5


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Alright, guys. I'm pretty excited. I've wanted OS X on this computer since I built it last year. (See specs in sig.)


I am looking to this guide: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/01/int...processors.html


I sounds almost too easy! Once installed, would everything be done just as it would on a Mac? Such as updates and all? I'm currently using XP and Ubuntu. I've gotta say, I love Ubuntu's style and usability (free software store, its speed, etc.). However, I'm just so tired of having to enter lines of code to be able to do something. And, often times, instructions and software itself is geared towards people who are good at that kind of stuff. I am not one of those people.


So, I'm willing - obviously - to enter some lines of code in order to install OS X, but I am hoping it runs just as it would normally. I'm looking to be able to make this machine entirely OS X, with a small XP partition for gaming (probably about 100GB).


Also, I have 4GB of RAM. Will I be able to install the 64-bit OS X? All of my hardware is capable.

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