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Toshiba Tecra Issues


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I searched searched searched, and no joy. I think I'm SOL but I will ask anyway.


I have 10.4.7 running on my Tecra with a 1.66 Core duo. It runs beautifully (faster than my MDD 2x1ghz G4), but there are a couple of issues.


1. No wireless! Intel pro/wireless 3945ABG

2. No sound. Realtek high definition audio



Any ideas? am I SOL?


If those issues could be resolved, I would be totally golden. Without those items working, this is all just academic :thumbsdown_anim:


Edit--Intel LAN NIC works great. Activity monitor reports receive speeds in excess of 20MB/sec. Its def. a gigabit connection.

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I have the exact same problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite M100 laptop with ALC861 audio and wireless 3945abg and only those things doesn't work. The rest is fine.


Hope someone has a solution :)


yup. after more than 2 years. still no sound or wireless :)

osx development sucks

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