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Plz help - Nvidia kush, nvidiaefi or natit in e1705


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On my e1705 I have been able to get qe/ci with my geforce go 7900 GTX pretty easy, but ONLY with NVinjectGo.kext. Whenever I try other drivers I get a black screen and sometimes the mouse cursor, but that's it.


The problem is that with NVinject I'm getting pretty bad 16-bit like color banding.


I'm no noob, but I am clueless about this. One little problem with my 7900 GTX is that it's a pretty rare model. Its device ID is not in any Info.plist by default (0x029910de). Even now in Windows 7 I had to modify the .ini files in the nvidia drivers to detect my card :S


Can anyone post like a noob-friendly way to enable either one of those injectors / drivers in a rig like mine?



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