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[SOLVED] HD4870 Freezes!


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i have 10.6.3 with installed Netkas ExoticCard

my HD4870 recognized as HD4890.

sometimes i see flying bits and sometimes everything freezes and only mouse can move but no reaction for clicking

also when i run game 1 second and then freeze...

for example movie in WoW working good then on login > freeze.


plz help me! i tried to put EvoEnabler Modificated to recongnize HD4870 but nothing changed still HD4890

also i have GraphicsEnable=YES in com.apple... (Modificated Chamilion RC4)

and i used fix from netkas for 10.6.3 EC



sry for my english and plz help .... ty.


EDIT- 15min later


moved EVOenabler.kext to /Extra/Extensions

then removed <key>GraphicEnabler<key><string><>YES<string>


now NO frezeeing and no flying bits... !! :(

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