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Help with voodoohda and guitar rig

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Hi! at the first, sorry for my bad english...


After a long search i finaly found a kext that works on my Acer Aspire 5737z with an Nvidia MCP79 ALC888...(download on the end of the post)


It works perfect, and the sound is crystal clear, activating automatic(the other kext that works is an applehda that only work after i do a sleep...)


the problem is: Im a guitarrist, and use the pc to put effects on my eletric guitar with the software guitar rig 4. When i launch the guitar rig, it recognizes all the outputs and inputs, using the coreaudio, but the pitch of the sound goes up, and only get to the normal if i restart my laptop...


after i run the guitar rig, all the sounds on the pc stay on the higher pitch, the songs runs on a high speed, and others...


someone have the same problem? how to solve it?



the link for the download


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Thats certainly a weird problem, I would try installing JackRouter and select that asyou audio device in guitar rig options


The best part is that it's free and you can get it here




Its a bit like ASIO4ALL that s used on PC's running windows but for the mac, It worked fine for me before i got a DI box. If that doesn't help any then consider investing in a JamMate RockFrog


JamMate RockFrog Info


I bought one a while back and it solved all my Guitar Audio Problems. And it quite cheap aswell as PC And MAC compatability. You don't need any drivers for Mac OSC you just plug it in select it as you audio device in Guitar Rig Options and Voila Clear Guitar Sound with 0 Latency


But for now i would get yourself a copy of JackRouter and see how it goesit's free and maybe you will get lucky.

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