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Weird graphical glitches [solved, I had voiceover on...]


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I am having some weird graphical glitches.

After running OSX for about 2 weeks (flawlessly, sans sound... damn sigmagel 9200), I have noticed that I get black rectangles around some UI widgets. Enclosed attachment is an example of it.


I'm running 10.4.7 on a Dell Inspiron 6400 (GMA 950, 1.66 core duo, 1024mb ddr2, sigmatel 9200)


Also, in the Apple menu, I have duplicates of restart, shutdown, and log out. (also attached screenshot)


Rebooting the machine and disabling things in the bios (virtualization, core duo, speedstep, etc) doesn't make a distance.


Ugh. I'm SMRT. I had voiceover turned on, even though the toggle in the universal access said 'off'. :)



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