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Need Help Install on Catri Gigabyte GP45-UD3l

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Sooo I picked up a GP45-UD3l, I installed catri's bios properly and matched the settings according to the pdf. then restored a thumb drive with the modified Chameleon bootloader and moved over Fakesmc, apple hda and legacyhda. on boot i type DSDT=catri and hit enter, the installer begins to load aand all is well for like 2 minutes then the harddrive that has been spun down since startup spins backup, so the installer goes to acces the harddrive and then and only then shortly after I get a kernal panic before the installer fully loads.





could an issue with a graphics card cause this? i have a 7100gs 256 turbo chache that I havent installed a kekt or efi string or anything for cause im not fully sure where to start with the efi string.


It is also snow leopard SERVER which i believe is more 64bit and maybe that causes some issue's???

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