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Is it Safe?


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Yea you can... Only thing is that after you update and restart you would get a Kernel Panic or the System would just restart because the Kernel would be replaced with the one the Update Package has from Apple. I learned that the hardway... But you can either 1. after the update run the Install DVD again and uncheck everything except the Kernel you want to use... Or Specify a kernel at start or add it to the boot.plist.....


For Example I have the 9.8.0 Kernel... And when i downloaded it i simply renamed it to mach_kernel.voodoo and placed it in the HDD in the Main Directory "/" (... Copy/Paste....) n went to com.apple.boot.plist n added "mach_kernel.voodoo" under Kernel <string>...

Basically your telling the boot loader to load only the specified Kernel... Avoiding the Panic/restart...


In you case.. I would download the latest Kernel that works with 10.5.8 add something to the end of the name "mach_kernel.something" place it in the Harddrive.. and edit the com.boot.plist so it boots with that Kernel and not with the default one.. Then without restarting begin the update process.. Like that the mach_kernel from the update isnt used after it restarts

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