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preferable hardware for 3D aperture/photoshop workstation

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Hey guys,



I recently invested in the EVGA SR-2 mb (soon to arrive) and i've been kinda reluctant in spending more $ without getting some opinions .


I am an artist working with photography and animation and i am studying Architecture. Therefor i am interested in getting an (offline) LONGTERM workstation, to work in my studio, only with graphic&visual arts.


I currently work with Blender and Aperture and AutoCAD(in a 2nd PC) but i am moving towards Archicad and 3D Max (while Rhino is still BEta) , hoping to have all software in the same machine.


.Current OS _ Mac OS X 10.5.8 ( i will update to Snow when i complete the workstation.)

(Evidently with 3D Max i will have Windows 7 installed as well.)


.Processor _ (aiming to) Intel Xeon X5650, and add the 2nd processor later.



So , here goes :


1-With EVGA Sr2 should i go for NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 , or should i try to flash the 8800GT or the 295GTX ?


2- Would i be able to update the tower's GPU power, in the future, with SLI spending less $ with GT GPUs connected to the Quadro in #1 slot, or will i have to stick with Quadro all the way ?



Appreciate some facts and opinions


Thanks very much



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