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ATI X1600 Pro 512MB finally working with one little problem


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Hey guys.


i was trying to get my ATI card (ATI X1600 Pro PciE 512MB) to run in the iAtkosv7 release.

I updated the system to 10.5.8. and couldnt change my resolution.


after reading that thread:



and downloading the kext for my ATI 71c2 right here:


and using the included extensions-repair tool my computer rebooted and yeah! i finally can change the resolution of my screen.

i have multiple screens connected to my card. the thing is - that only the analog output is working.

when i click on detect displays nothing happens as well.

under windows i see, that it detects two cards in my system. one ATI 71c2 and the other ATI 71e2.

Iam wondering now, if I can make the digital Output work, if any of you guys experienced the same problems. is there a way to make the digital output work? any ideas?

your help would be deeply appreciated!





hey guys. as far as i understand, concerning to


then each output of the x1600 pro is recognized as single graphical device:

In the new version I try to write AGPcommand to some strange device 0x71c21002 found in cyclonefr ioreg.

Thus Radeon X1600 AGP have two devices: first - 71e2 = display@0, and second - 71c2 = display@0,1.

May be it is good idea to tune AGP bus for both device? :-\

maybe you can just edit the kext files of the package to recognize the second device properly. if this clicks with someone, and you find a resolution let me know.



in following thread:


i found a nice tutorial on how to edit the kext files. can anyone give me a hint, how to include the 71e2 in there?

or is there a way to create a second kext for the 71e2?

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