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Hi Guys,im currently owning a MSi GT640 and everything works smooth besides the sound.Ive been on the MSI page and downloaded the Audio drivers and it seems to be ALC888s becouse the Driver Package is called so.

Now ive been trying many solution like all version of voodooHDA and Some Binary Compiled for 10.6.4 AppleHDA kexts.

So now im here waiting for your "Advise,Help,Instructions" what so ever .


Currently Running Snow leopard 10.6.4 Vanilla (Retail)


Laptop is MSi GT640

Intel i7-720QM ok

Nvidia gts 250m (ok but veeery poor performance like 5%,even boot logo is slow)

ddr3 4Gb

Audio ALC888s (not 100% sure) (no Sound)



The best Results i have achieved with voodoohda kexts becouse the Speaker pane was visible and adjustable but no output,and yes ive tryied all outputs.The Systemprofiler sas Audio Device ID 0 dont sound good i think :/

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