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P5LD2 mother and SATA drive

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Just went through '[HOW TO] Get past "Still waiting for root device errors" " tutorial and one of last points there is :


"Make sure the HD you are installing to is Primary Master. (Thanks to S1LV3R) "


I believe that this is the place where I am stuck. My configuration is:

Intel D930





Both SATA and IDE are on the same controler and IDE shows as Primary in BIOS. So I've got DVD as Master on Primary and HD as Master on Third... :censored2:


So please please pretty please :D ... anybody who is using any of P5LD2... how do you replace order of controllers in BIOS. I guess I've tried everything.


Otherwise I'll have to give up joy of fast and spacious new HD and get back to slow and trusty IDE :whistle:


Thanks in advance,



ps. It looks like P5LD2 (in all flavours - Deluxe, VM, plain) is in top 5 most popular MB here. Once again please, please have a look into your BIOS and share. Cheers.

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