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Enable native ntfs read and write snow leopard

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hi everybody


i want to share with you an easy way to enable native read and write for ntfs partitions in snow leopard


i'm using 10.6.4 , this may work fine in other versions of snow


the method :


first you must get UUID for your volume


terminal :


sudo diskutil info /Volumes/volumeName/


copy uuid for that volume


ex : 12D3C416-5DAB-4A7F-86C5-BD7C34F48094


terminal :


sudo nano /etc/fstab


this will create an fstab file and open it


add line like :


UUID=your uuid none ntfs rw


save ctrl & x => y => Enter


reboot and enjoy



you may also want to disable auto mounting some drives


add line to your fstab same procedure


UUID=uuid for partition none ntfs rw,noauto


enjoy and share



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