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Questions about EVGA Geforce GTX 285

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Hey all,


I am building my first DIY computer and plan to make it a Hackintosh. The graphics card I would like to include in my system is the EVGA Geforce GTX 285. I have some questions I need answered about that card. The card will be installed on a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard equipped with an intel core i7 CPU and 12 gigs of Corsair DDR3 ram. The Machine will run Windows 7 Ultimate Edition for video games and Mac OS for my digital art and animation production needs. I plan to get my hackintosh up and running by installing Snow Leopard using either Empire EFI or the EFIX usb dongle.


First the GTX 285 has a standard PC model and Mac Edition. So which version of this card will best work with Snow Leopard?


If it is the Mac Edition I need, will I still be able to see anything displayed on my monitor to access things like my motherboards BIOs settings and work with empire EFI or the EFIX dongle? If not is there anything I can do insure my monitor works before and during the Hackintosh installation process.


Also if it is the Mac Edition I need, will Windows 7 still fully functional and be able to fully utilize the resources of the card as it would the normal PC version?


Second up are drivers.


I have read in a review of the GTX 285 Mac Edition that the drivers have to be installed before before the card is installed or Mac OS will go into a Kernel Panic. If I have to install the drivers before the card when getting my Hackintosh running I would be left in a catch 22 situation. So when and how to I install the drivers on Mac OS.


I know the GTX 285 is supported by atleast the EFIX dongle but I have still left with allot of question I need answered before I spend the 475 dollars on this card and I hope I can get some help.

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