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uggestions regarding the applications for my macbook


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Hey guys,


I am a newbie to Macs. Wanted to know whether or not do we need to install a separate security software for this system (Antivirus, Internet Security, etc)


Some good image editors (free)


And an alternative to Corel on Mac.


A free or paid download manager like IDM, FDM or Jdownloader for windows. - IMPORTANT


Any must haves for macs (as are for windows)


Now my transition from the PC to the Mac has made my life really peaceful which was not the case when I used Windows with all the updates, pop ups, antivirus and security management, updation, and system maintenance.


Therefore to make it a bit messy i started googling around for applications and stuff which I would never actually require but would install and tinker around with. I was really confused with the various sources available. Kindly mention a few reliable and updated sources and forums where I could post my Mac specific queries and issues (if there are any) like installing Windows in conjunction with OS X etc.


Cheers and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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