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Mac OS X 10.5.8 via iAtkos v5i on Gateway MX8711 Laptop

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Oh, hai there, OSX86 Community! I'm anidnmeno and i have some instructions for you...


This guide will [hopefully] help those of you with a Gateway MX8711 laptop get Leopard 10.5.8 running in less than 2 days.

Please bear with me, for I am no documentation writer, but i'm trying.


This isn't a dual boot guide. If you want to dual boot with something, MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL OS X FIRST, UNLESS IT'S WINDOWS, then I CAN'T HELP YOU. I haven't used Windows in years and don't plan to start now. But pretty much anything with it's own bootloader should dualboot with OS X just fine.


The Specifics of my system are:

1.6GHz Intel Core Duo [Didn't some macbook have one of those?]

Intel 965GMA integrated gfx with 1440*900 resolution screen [that too, works oob, btw, even after the updates]

1.5GB 533MHz DDR2 RAM

100GB SATA HDD [on a SATA bus, of course]

The stock wireless card is AirPort Compatible OOB as well, even after updates


and some other things, they'll work when the install process is done.


I used a copy of iAtkos v5i to start with. I can't tell you where to get it, but you're here, so i'm certain you know by now. :D


1. Pop the disc in your drive and start, or restart your computer

1a. pretty much, boot from your installation media

1b. make sure your BIOS is set to boot from DVD media before hard disks

2. Wait for the installer to load. It will.

3. Click --> on the welcome screen

4. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu on the menubar

5. Partition your disk however you see fit.

5a. It's best to give OS X at least like 20GB if you plan to do anything useful with your Hackintosh

5b. If you use an MBR format for your partition table, and plan to install another OS, leave it that way. If you're going straight Hac, then Apple Partition is cool, too

6. Agree and accept the licenses and messages and such

7. Select the partition upon which you plan to install OS X



8. When you get to the "Ready to install" [or whatever it says] click "CUSTOMIZE"

9. When the next screen appears, select the following items, and ONLY THESE ITEMS [you're going to have to browse through the lists]

Main System





x86 ACPI

UNCHECK "Disabler.kext", YOU DON'T NEED IT


EFI String for Intel


Marvell Yukon 88E8001



10. Click "ok" or "done" or whatever

11. Start the installation.

12. Go make some coffee or watch some tv or something and come back in about 30 minutes.


13. When the install is finished, your computer will reboot.

14. When your computer is done rebooting, your OS X install will start to load.

15. When bootup is done, you can go ahead and set up your system information and stuff.

16. When you get to the desktop, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200, GO DIRECTLY TO SOFTWARE UPDATE.

17. Go ahead and install those updates. All of them [Make sure "Mac OS X 10.5.8 Combo Update" is in there and checked]. This is probably the longest part of the process [at least for me, I has a slow DSL, like 20k/s slow].

18. Now would be the time for a trip to the store or something, maybe the beach if you have one...



19. When the updates are done downloading, click restart and they should begin instaling

20. Your computer will reboot.

21. Your computer will reboot again, this time before loading the desktop. THIS IS NORMAL

22. When your OS loads again, you should be on a nearly functioning 10.5.8 install. Check "About this Mac" just to be certain.

23. Have you yet noticed that there's no sound? We're about to fix that.


24. Obtain a copy of "Kext Helper v7". It will come in handy

25. open the kexthelper dmg and drag the application into Applications [or anywhere really, I just like to keep my programs in one place]

26. Now obtain a copy of VoodooHDA, preferrably the newest one, from HERE

27. Open the Voodoohda zip file and extract the files somewhere

28. Now open Kext Helper

29. Locate "VoodooHDA.kext" and drop it into the kext helper window.

30. Enter your password into the password field and click "EASY INSTALL"

31. Click OK on the following dialog box.

32. Don't do anything else! REBOOT NOW.


33. When your desktop comes back up, you should have a fully functional [aside from the card reader] OS X 10.5.8 install on your MX8711.


Thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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