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Apple Aluminum Keyboard with Numeric Keypad in Brazilian Portuguese Windows XP


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Hey, everyone, this is my first post on this forum, and I truly hope it can be of help to those that are trying to use the new Apple keyboard with their Brazilian Windows XP driven PCs. I've searched all around the web for a good solution, without lots of progress. This is the best solution for us, brazilians, and I advise you all to use it, since it requires no additional driver installation or more profound tweaking. Next steps will be explained in portuguese, assuming your system is in our language:


1 - Sistema > Opções Regionais e de Idioma

2 - Guia IDIOMA > Botão detalhes

3 - Marcar opção Português Brasil (PT) e clicar ADICIONAR


5 - Selecionar na lista ESTADOS UNIDOS (INTERNACIONAL)

6 - Deletar os outros layouts desnecessários


This way, the keyboard will be mapped "the old fashioned way", when there was no exclusive brazilia portuguese layout, and we still used the amercian layout to accent. Configured like this, this is the way you will put the accents:


í = ' + i

ç = '+ c

à = `+ a

ã = ~ + a


and so on.


I hope it can help.

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