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Dell E1505/6400 Questions, Comments...


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I realize there are several threads on the Dell E1505 machine as it's a cheap, popular solution to running OSX86. However, being a relative laptop newb (not a PC newb at all though) I have a few questions I was hoping those with these machines (or those in the know) can assist with. Hopefully none that stupid. I haven't touched the machine since I got it and left the XP Media Center on there from Dell, for now.


My end goal is to partition the 100 gig hard drive on the laptop with XP Media Center and OSX86. Not sure how I am going to split up the space yet but I do want to start with a full reformat. I intend to use Acronis to Dual Boot the machine.


From the threads I read here the order to do that is: Install XP, Partition, Install Acronis, Reboot, Install OSX86.


1) Those of you that reformatted and/or partitioned - Did you keep the Dell restore partition? It seems like such a waste of hard drive space to me, however, without a restore disc, I dunno how I'll be able to get the OS back on there -- Really what I want to do is totally reformat this thing and first start with a fresh copy of Media Center without all the Dell bloat, using my laptop's CD key -- Is there a way to do that???


2) Network - I got the newer Intel MiniPCI Express in there which is incompatible. Am considering switching to the Dell 1390. Anyone have any probs with signal on this card? I hear the Intel card is much better (just incompatible). I don't think I want a wireless network dongle sticking out the back though I realize that is a solution.


3) Sound - Sigmatel, still no driver but I see a guy is working on it (thanks!) As for the USB sound solutions, this is probably a dumb question, but they only work with headphones or external speakers right? There's no way to plug in a usb sound solution and still direct sound through the laptop speakers?


4) Anyone else having any issues? I know there's an issue with sleep functionality still, what's the best solution there? I'm also aware of the dual processor needing to be disabled, though my plan there was to temp disable it, then use the Boot.plist to set the CPU flag to 1 so I can re-enable Dual in the bios and have that available when I boot into XP. Do all these problems persist even after 10.4.7?


That's all I have for now. For anyone who takes the time to read, or answer, thanks.

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