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Notebook boot freeze

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Hi, I need some help.


I installed iATKOS S3 V2, everything goes OK, but when I boot , with -v -x, after a time, a grey screen without the apple logo appears and don´t goes away.


Everything goes grey, after:



waiting for DSMOS...

SystemShutdown false

AirPort Brcm43xx:Ethernet address 00:17:c4:05:a0:45

IO8021Controller: DataLinkLayerAttachComplete ( ): adding Apple EFINVRAM notification

AirPort link Down on en0: reason 8 ( Disassociated because station leaving ).

Preavious ShutDown cause: 0



I tried with RTC, RTC 32 bit and withou RTC, and nothing.


Bootloader - Chameleon v2 RC4

Patches - /extra directory



Other options all unchecked.

No drivers checked.


My notebook

Brazilian STI - Semp Toshiba

Processor Intel T2060

RAM 1gb

HD 120gb - WDC-WD1200BEVS-22RST0 ( ATA )

Video 945 GM

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