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Bad Axe 2 Fan controlling

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Hi Guys,


My setup works 100% all the time, only thing is I have no fan control at all.


The fan works fine. Just at a very low speed.




The fan is just controlled from the BIOS and the only time the fan kicks in is when the CPU is at 80C, but that’s only when the CPU is getting maxed using a CPU Stress Tester. (I tested it to see if and when the CPU fan kicked in)


It would be great to have control over the fans via software rather than the bios having to do it only in extreme situations.


At the moment with no fan control the CPU is idle at 40C and 60C when fully loaded and 77C – 80C when getting stress tested.



The controller on the Intel Bad Axe 2 is the SMSC LPC47m182 chip.


Does anyone know a way to control the CPU fan on this mobo? Istats doesn’t read any fans at all….

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