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dualboot Vista & OSX if they are not on the same harddisk

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So I have two harddisks


harddisk 1 is a hardware RAID 0 and has an MBR partition table and Vista installed on a NTFS partition. Vista boots properly


harddisk 2 is a normal disk and has a GPT partition table with three partitions, whereas OSX is installed on the second partition (which is formated with HFS+)


Darwin/OSX cannot use my hardware RAID controller (they see both disks of the array individually), therefore i think i can't use darwin to dualboot into Vista.


how can I get the Vista bootloader to load OSX from the GPT disk? I already tried easyBCD but so far i didn't manage to start OSX with it. is it even possible to use easyBCD to start OSX from a different harddisk, which has a GPT partition table and is formated with HFS+?


can someone tell me, how i get Vista and OSX to dualboot if Vista is installed on a RAID array (which cannot be used by OSX) and OSX is installed on another disk?



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