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EPIC FAILURE when installing on hp dv8 :S

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I know it's not really cool asking about this like a noob. But honestly, I'm tired of this. You see, I've been trying for over a month now to install the Snow Leopard on my i7 HP, and have only met EPIC FAIL.


I'm going to post a link here of the report generated by 'Berlac Advisor' of my laptop. I just bought it a month or so ago, and it's pretty awesome. I've heard around two things, which might be causing the problem. OS X doesnt support DDR 3 rams on a PC, and I've also heard that if my Ram is over 4 GBs it won't work. I've tried to change the ram size, didn't help though. I can't however change the ram type to anything other than a DDR3


My problem is that, either using the normal installation method (an EFI loader, like chameleon or anything), and then loading the img file from a Double layer dvd or a flash disk, or by using the iAtkos iso file, and then booting from it. What happens is, I get to the boot menu, and I have the options where I choose to load the installation disk, u know, I get to where it would tell me change the disk, and put the new one and press F8, or whatever. I do that, and a white/gray window pops up showing the mac logo in the middle, and then after a few seconds disappears and the computer reboots. Sometimes it shows that screen, sometimes it just reboots


I've tried several images, all gives the same status...


I also haven't changed my BIOS settings or anything, because there isn't any in the menu here. I load into it when I open the computer, and all the settings there is are Boot order, time, stuff like that, but there isnt anything else...


here is the berlac advisor report: http://people.qatar.tamu.edu/amr.elaouby/report.html


And, the laptop's model is: HP Pavilion dv8-1090ev


Please help me with this, or point me to where I can get help...

Sorry for being such a noob :(





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