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Installation on an IBM W500 notebook

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Has anyone tried this already?

What installation approach can you recommend?


I need at least WLAN to work and a proper video resolution since I do some graphics editing; sound and Bluetooth is less important.


Thanks for any advice!

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Ok, first step made.

I created a bootable iATKOS S3 USB drive and started the installation from there.


My controller is ICH9, AHCI is enabled in BIOS.

I have two hard disks, both recognized during install.


During install, I first partitioned the empty 2nd hard disk (total size: 500GB).

I have chosen MBR and created a 250GB large partition (HFS+).


The only custom driver I have selected is the Intel AHCI driver.


The install ends with a success message, but after reboot the only thing I get is a clear blank black screen with a little white blinking cursor a the top left corner of the screen.


I am pretty sure I have set the partition active, bit will double-check this now.

Should I try with a different bootloader, e.g. chameleon RC5?


Any further ideas?



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