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Installation of Snow Leopard 10.6 and update till 10.6.2 on DELL Latitude D420


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Today I want to share with you the way I've installed Snow Leopard on Dell D420.

After so many trials to install Snow Leopard I was about to give up, but suddenly I just tried my best and I worked for me. Every install of SL gave me kernel panic. Ive searched online and read so many guides, manuals, topics about installation of SL but everytime Ive failed. The only distribution I was able to install is iAtkos v7. 10.5.7 but when you try to install iAtkos v7 on Dell Latitude D420 with current configuration you wont have display. Everytime you try to boot your hackintosh you will see blue screen and later it goes black.

My Configuration

U2500 CPU

1.5GB DDR2 Ram

Broadcom Wifi

Broadcom Ethernet


945GM 27a2 VGA.


Ive tryed to install SL with Leepy700m guide and files but I dont know why i had problems with External DVD Drive. Ive used 2 different types. External for laptops and one for desktops. Both are external.

When Ive pressed f5 or f10 to refresh list of drives, everything just freezes and no response from the system.So Ive tried a different way to install.


First step is to install iAtkos v7 you need to choose next checks during customize step.

1.Kernel 9.7.0

2.Intel Speedstep

3. VGA -> Intel ->GMA950 ->Intel950 RARE


Thats all. Once you've installed iAtkos start you computer with -v. You will be able to create account and everything will be ok.

Next step for you will be to take image dmg of your retail dvd. Once you got it. Please prepare 8gb USB or even SD/Compact card. I've used Transcend 8GB Compact Flash card I use for my Canon DSLR. :P

Restore you dmg image on your USB. It took about 20-25 minutes for me to restore image to external card.

Later I've used leepy700's D630SL.iso file. I restarted my d420 with boot device selection and Ive choosed External DVD. This time system detected my Install DVD I've had on my external card. I've pressed Install :)

Everything went smooth. After booting DVD I had Install screen. Ive erased my hdd. Swept everything Ive had. Just wanted clean installation. Installation took about 30 mins. During this process Ive watched FIFA 2010 World Cup game. Some people wrote that at the end of installation they receive INSTALLATION FAILED screen.


I saw INSTALL SUCCESSFUL screen and Restart.

After install Ive started boot with Leepy700m's dvd. Ive choosed my freshly installed SL 10.6 and after boot I've watched Welcome video. Later Ive installed bootloader that you will find on boot dvd.


Everything is ok. All my software works without any problem. Both cores are working. Wifi,ethernet,sound,bluetooth works without any driver installation. MAC OS X detected and installed all necessary drivers. I dont have clutchy GMA950 performance. Everything is smooth and functional.


Ive installed all updates of my software. I dont want to update up to 10.6.4 . I read that there is a problem with GMA950 graphic card.


If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.

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not yet

Im working on getting sleep to work also. If I boot off a thumb drive it goes to sleep and wakes up but when it wakes nothing responds. If I boot off the regular hard drive it doesnt go to sleep at all. Please let me know your progress.

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