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Nvidia Geforce 8300 mGPU QE/CI ?


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I have nvidia geforce 8300 mGPU and i wanna know if there are anyway of getting working. i just can have it with vesa drivers, and i want QE/CI with this card.

My motherboard is an Asus M3N78 Pro board, and i installed Snow Leopard without much trouble, everything is working except the video.


I saw in OSXTools there are EFI string for Geforce 8300 128 MB and 256 MB so, is there any way?


I tried with EFI String and the system load and then i lost the display, my motinor give me 'no signal', and with everything almost like that, with nvkush injector or aty_init from netkas the system keeps rebooting itself, after load everything else.


I have Snow Leopard 10.6.4 with legacy kernel 10.3.0, so if someone know what can i do i would thxs a lot.


I think maybe you can trick the system so it looks like the 8400 with has almost the same specs, i don't know sth like that.

So thxs at all anyway.

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