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XPS 420 that works great with 10.5!

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So I'll delete this if its not necessary, but can someone at least point me to the right place first?


I have dell XPS 420 running 10.5.7 perfectly fine, I have a supported video card, ethernet card, sound everything is good.


I desperately need 10.6.3 to sync my new iphone 4 for one lol and also for exchange support. (vmware outlook is killing me)


So here are the specs:


Dell XPS 420


Gigabyte GEForce 7200 GS w/ 1DVi and 1 VGA

Intel Q6600 Quad 2.4 GHz

Motherboard that has been through like three versions of OSX with no extra kexts... lol


Does anyone want to point me to the right place? My friend has got 10.6.3 on his lately after he upgraded and said it wasnt near as hard as it used to be...


Thanks! :D

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