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Hackintosh Setup Help - First Timer


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I have been reading many topics & setup instructions but i just dont get it. im not technically informed & wish to get some help on building a powerful mac to use with video & music editing software



Giga EX58-UD3R


6gig Cosair Hyper Thread over 3 slots (still need to get one more to make total of 8gig)

Geforce 9800 GXT+

2x STATA WD Cav Green 1TB Internal HD

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Magic Mouse

Mac OSX Snow Leopard (Retail DVD)


Have followed http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...200183&st=0 tutorial (dont get this kext's talk & what i need to install) & installed using Retail DVD & it worked but i dont know how to get my drivers installed.


Im sure your not supposed to just boot retail CD & then do retail install & thats it. so plz help so i can get my hackintosh working correctly. if my specs are not powerfull enough to handle video/photo & music editing/production plz advise on higher performance specs.



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