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How do I enable Num Lock key to toggle keypad?


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I can reprogram the numlock key into any other key in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict with

"\UF739"  = "keyNameHere:";

, e.g.

"\UF739"  = "deleteForward:";

so the key is correctly mapped as UF739 as should be.


Since Google did not reveal anything I have tried anything I could think off as keyName: clear, numlock, numLock, they all do not work.


Also tried custom keyboard layouts in /Library/Keyboard Layouts


Toggling between key and num pad naturally works just fine in Wndows and Ubuntu Linux.


Best I would want to have toggle functionality, but if that is not possible I would be fine with the keypad on by default. My BIOS does not allow that toggle, so maybe there is way to fix that in the DSDT, or maybe a kext that locks key pad?


Looking forward to enlightenment in this regard,


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weird - am I really the only one on whose Laptop keyboard this isn't working or who wants to use the NumLock toggle? Or am I the only one who has a HackTop with an extra keypad? That's one of the reasons why I bought this 17" Toshiba. Or did I post in the wrong forum? Hmm ...

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