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Dell studio 15 Installation

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Ok, first post here, but long time trawler


Owned my Dell studio 1537 for a year now.


Since Christmas last year ive been trying to install OS X on it. Ive had a successfull install using iPC after trying every other distribution i can get my hands on, but there where a few problems


No Graphics availability (ATI Radeon 3450 Mobile card)

No Sound (High Defiinition Audio 2.2) Not entirely sure on the Device

No Wireless (Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN)


These are the only problems I have


If i could just change the default resolution to 1280x800 in any way that would be great. (On the iPC installer sound worked and the resolution was my default as well, is there any way to make that work on the install?)


If anyone can point me in the direction of some fixes for these problems it would be great.





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