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Kernel panic on boot following pcie esata installation


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Hello all,


I've created something of a problem for myself by installing a PCIe esata card in my system, based on the JMicron JMB363 chipset. After installing the chipset drivers I was prompted to reboot, and since then I have been unable to boot back into my system due to Kernel Panics. This is my own fault for not looking into things in a little more detail first, but I'm so used to my system just working for the best part of a year that to be quite honest I keep forgetting that I am running a Hackintosh where things can break! However, now that I've done the damage, I was hoping there may be someone around here that may be able to help me to undo it?


I have had a trouble free experience with OS X 10.5.8 since installing it around 9 months ago. My system is based on a Gigabyte EP-45UD3R motherboard. I can't recall the exact install guide that I originally followed, but my system does use the graphical Chameleon boot loader, and I believe BootDFE was originally involved in the setup process.


I recently ran out of internal hard drive storage space, having filled 3x 1TB drives. To add more storage to my system, I bought an external 2-bay enclosure into which I've fitted a couple of SpinpointF3 2TB drives. The enclosure has both esata and USB2 interfaces, but it was always my intention to use esata. The esata would not work with the built-in ports on the Gigabyte board as they don't support port multiplication, so I bought a third party card from Startech which was based on a chipset that had this feature and purported to be Mac compatible. Upon fitting the card and rebooting the machine, the controller was detected in the BIOS, but I couldn't see the drives under OS X. Naively I was hoping the card would be plug and play, but it became apparent that I was going to have to install a driver in order for the OS to recognise the chipset.


I grabbed the drivers from the JMicron site and installed them, completely forgetting about the possibility that this could potentially break my system. When I was prompted to reboot I did so, and the system logged me out of my account and presented the message "Updating boot caches....". It was only at this point that I realized that I may have created a problem for myself. Sure enough, upon reboot I am now getting the grey curtain of death after selecting my boot drive from the boot loader.


I know this was really dumb and 100% my own stupid fault, but now that I'm stuck in this situation I would really appreciate any help or advice in trying to recover my system. I'm not a huge tinkerer so i don't keep up to date with all the latest developments in Hackintosh tools, so if anybody could advise me on where would be the best place to start in fixing this problem I would be hugely indebted to them.


Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance to anybody who can come to my rescue!

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