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Installing SL Diff partition same hard drive?

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When i built this computer i really did want to opt for the 1tb hard drive and go ahead and buy the additional SSD to accompany it, but the funds just where not there ;) .


Now my problem is i have an old 80gig sata drive that was dying that the time i removed it, giving errors in windows... was bad. Anyway i still have that drive but i would so rather go through an extremely complex and tedious install that eventually lead to installing snow leopard through a separate partition on the 1tb that already has a current 10.5+ leopard install.


Currently im running with IPC leopard 10.5.6. It isn't without its problems, for instance the replug problem with my rt2870 usb and the fact that my radeon 5770 has no driver :( (((( so of course i do not get the full effect. However, with the approach *im hoping here* of apple upgrading to the 5xxx series of cards i would really like SL installed.


Any info on how to do this would be much appreciated, i figure anything is possible with enough effort *im writing this in OS X from an AMD system for god sake*


This is a re post from the multiboot visualization forum as i do not know if this or that forum was appropriate.

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went ahead and did more research *as many of the install guides simply state you need 2 hard drives, which i took as its easier to use 2 hard drives* and found out the reason you can not install SL on the same hard drive as the drive you use for windows and leo is because Snow leo requires GUID *GPT* partition table instead of a MBR partition table.


I also read though i am not sure if there exists a work around but you can only use a singular partition table, you can not mix between mbr and guid. I am pretty sure you can start your initial install of windows on a guid partition table and then install snow leo on a diff partition after creating a partition dedicated to leo then shrinking and creating a new partition through gparted or something but after going through the later without first completely wiping the drive and formating it to guid left me with snow leo not being able to be installed on a hfs journaled partition on a mbr partition table.


Would be great if there was a work around that aloud SL to be installed on a mbr partition table though i am sure it is out of the scope of anyone doing that kind of work for free let alone for a small number of people. I simply do not have the funds to get another hard drive currently and not backing up 500gb worth of data on windows to install SL not to mention there isnt a version of os x out that supports the 5xxx seris of ati HD cards and god knows when apple will refresh there product line up and if even then they will make the plunge to support cards that arent 5 years old.


anyway, i'm sure this info will atleast help others who don't have a second hard drive and would love to install SL onto the same hard drive. My advice for them, reformat your entire disk install Leo first and before installing make sure you select GUID as your partition table. Then install windows after then go back into osx and do SL install from diff partition. I think this will work though not positive.

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Figured id just forget about the gigs worth of data i had to go ahead reformat the entire single 1tb drive into GUID and go from there hopefully getting snow on it. Its after i did this, i realized that there are modified OSinstall.mpkg's floating around that at least from what i read let you load the installer on MBR partition tables DOH!!!


Either way i got 800gigs dedicated to windows 20 gigs for leo so i had enough for the snow leo dmg and then 100 gig snow leo install. Everything is wonderful so far. I installed leo first, then dloaded and installed snow leo on an amd, after that i installed 7. The char bootloader only worked from the 2 mac installs, once windows was installed i still had to install easybcd for the mac loader. Once i run the mac loader it loads the char boot loader which i can boot from either OS X install after.


I realize this started as a question, but for those viewing since no one ever answered a single question i answered i went ahead did the research and hopefully the info i gained and wrote about will help newbies in the end.


If anyone has any questions on the steps i took or questions about the modified mpkg or install help for amd give me a pm ill do ill that i can.

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