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Install SL on same hard drive *diff partition*

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When i built this computer i really did want to opt for the 1tb hard drive and go ahead and buy the additional SSD to accompany it, but the funds just where not there :D.


Now my problem is i have an old 80gig sata drive that was dying that the time i removed it, giving errors in windows... was bad. Anyway i still have that drive but i would so rather go through an extremely complex and tedious install that eventually lead to installing snow leopard through a separate partition on the 1tb that already has a current 10.5+ leopard install.


Currently im running with IPC leopard 10.5.6. It isn't without its problems, for instance the replug problem with my rt2870 usb and the fact that my radeon 5770 has no driver :rolleyes:(((( so of course i do not get the full effect. However, with the approach *im hoping here* of apple upgrading to the 5xxx series of cards i would really like SL installed.


Any info on how to do this would be much appreciated, i figure anything is possible with enough effort *im writing this in OS X from an AMD system for god sake*

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