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ATi Radeon HD 4890 [OSX Leopard - 10.5.7]

Ben Jones

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Seeing as I have taken so much from this community and been given help by others, I have decided to give something back.


This is how I installed my ATi Radeon HD 4890 on OSX Leopard (10.5.7).


I used iAtkos v7, which by default is 10.5.7 and I recommend NOT to update your OS to 10.5.8 as this method does not work


I have attached all of the necessary files for the installation, which are ordered for reference.


Included are:


1 - Radeon HD 48x0 Drivers.pkg

2 - QE CI Exotic Cards.pkg

3 - Enabler for Nvidia and multiple ATI cards.pkg




1) Extract the packages folder to somewhere easy to access - for example, your desktop

2) Run the "1 - Radeon HD 48x0 Drivers.pkg"

3) If asked to restart, DO NOT, use Force Quit (Alt+Cmd+Esc) to quit the installation

4) Run the "2 - QE CI Exotic Cards.pkg"

5) Run the "3 - Enabler for Nvidia and multiple ATI cards.pkg"

6) Restart your computer. You should now have the correct resolution at 59.9Hz.

7) To check that the graphics card is operating correctly, open something like Pages or VLC and if the text or video is displayed properly, then it is working correctly.


NB: The 3rd package is not necessarily required, but sometimes for me my card wouldn't work if I didn't install it.

NB: Keep a copy of these files as the 2nd one ("2 - QE CI Exotic Cards.pkg") is hard to find for 10.5


Reply with any success stories or problems that occur - keep the community alive.


If you love OSX and Macs - buy one!


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