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Mac OS X not loading the drivers I need?

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I have installed iPC Mac OSx86 PPF5 on my PC which surprisingly worked considering that there are no readily available drivers for my hardware anyway I can get to the desktop and everything but im stuck at 800x600 resolution have no sound and my linksys WMP600N wireless PCI card isn't detected or working.

During the setup I made sure to check everything the Wiki said my system needed except the drivers because I couldn't locate the one that would work for my system and after about 5 minutes it said successfully installed so i rebooted and booted into OS X and not surprisingly it was like I had described so I logged back into windows 7 and started to search for drivers which turned up 0 results.

So im asking if anyone has drivers for my setup or something that will at least work then please post them or give me a link.


Here is my specs/hardware:

AMD Phenom II X4 940 CPU

Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H Mobo (Mobo Specs)

ATi Radeon HD5770 PCIe 2.0 Graphics

Linksys WMP600N Wireless Dual-Band PCI Card


And thats it that link next to the mobo details everything about it including the sound and ethernet chipsets.


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


The ones I really need most are the Linksys Driver for internet and the Audio the graphics can wait.

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Alright I admit I wasn't thorough enough and I found 60% of the drivers now however everytime I boot it say a Kernel Link Load error occured for Extension (Driver name).kext....

And keeps booting without loading the drivers I needed that I installed so now my question is:

Why isn't it loading the drivers/kext's? and is it fixable or should I just give up on OSx86 and go blow

$1,000+ on a real Mac which in my opinion is a rip off cause my PC is at least 2x as powerful as the cheapest Mac I could find which my PC cost me around $1,000 to build all I really want is the Mac OS cause im fed up with all the viruses and other problems that Windows has.

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